Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Basic Shooting game created in Unity3d


Shooting game created using all the basic game objects in Unity3d 

Comments and suggestions are welcome

Monday, 18 August 2014

Reflectorr- Prototype completed

Finally I am done with the completion of the prototype of Reflectorr with some exciting difficulties and I am sharing a video reflectorr. any suggestions and comments are welcome... 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

In the process of creating the HUD and updating the look of the puzzle board for Reflectorr

Since I was done with the basic level functionality, I wanted Reflectorr to get a better look and some sound effects too. Since I am using all the free and open source resources I could not find all the sound effects yet those I an going to need. So I firstly created new UI and new board too.

I just have designed a new board with which I would be able to design more levels and those would not look messy but would make the player feel like "Oh its difficult but I love to play it". This is the board I designed in Gimp It may look very easy but took me a little time because I am still a newbie to Gimp.

 So the following would be the base board for all the levels of Reflectorr:

And the loading screen I designed for Reflectorr would be:

As soon as I complete all the artwork I need, I'll post a video of Reflectorr with the basic functions are working.  

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Now I am done with 4 new levels in Reflectorr. Its still a little bit slow. I think I have to work much more with my main game manager script. Currently I am done with all the basic collision detection, Animations through animator and sprite editor. Previously I tried to use all the sprites individually to make animations using animator. But now new unity has the feature of sprite editor that makes me easy to slice the sprite sheet and get the required sprites. Right now I am using most of the art assets those are available as free open source game assets. But simultaneously I am working with "Gimp" to create them by myself.
Here I am uploading some of the print screen images of Reflectorr's current status under development.

Currently  the following basic functions are working :

  • Reversed directional input since we have to judge the position of player according to it's image "reflectorr".
  • As soon as the reflectorr collides with the campfire stones, the fire lights up and removes the shadow over that area. 
  • As soon as all the shadows are gone, the Exit button is activated.
  • When player touches the Exit button, next level starts.
Here I am uploading some of the images of current status of Reflectorr:-

Level Loading Screen:-


Player lights first camp fire:-

All the shadows are removed and Exit button is activated :- 

By next week I want to add some special effects and sounds too.

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Under Construction:
Planning Phase

Reflectorr is reflection based maze puzzle game being developed as first game for my portfolio.

Reflectorr is a reflection based maze puzzle.
The screen of Reflectorr is divided into two parts
  • Actual maze and mirrored maze.
The left half part of board is the actual puzzle that a player has to solve which is covered with some shadow that prevents the player to view the puzzle.
But we still have a mirrored map of the puzzle that is shown in right half part of the screen.
There are some small stones shown inside the maze. Those are actually leftovers of some campfire but are still capable to burn those remove the shadow and player can see the maze covered below the shadow.
The player has to walk through the maze in the puzzle according to the map.
Since the map is mirrored image all the directions are reversed. 
Player has to reach the exit button in order to finish the level. 
But the exit button is active only when all the shadows are removed from the puzzle.

This game sounds a little confusing but when you start playing is really exciting or you can say "Brain Twisting" game

I make no money out of this blog. The purpose of writing this blog is only to display my skills