Tuesday, 17 June 2014

In the process of creating the HUD and updating the look of the puzzle board for Reflectorr

Since I was done with the basic level functionality, I wanted Reflectorr to get a better look and some sound effects too. Since I am using all the free and open source resources I could not find all the sound effects yet those I an going to need. So I firstly created new UI and new board too.

I just have designed a new board with which I would be able to design more levels and those would not look messy but would make the player feel like "Oh its difficult but I love to play it". This is the board I designed in Gimp It may look very easy but took me a little time because I am still a newbie to Gimp.

 So the following would be the base board for all the levels of Reflectorr:

And the loading screen I designed for Reflectorr would be:

As soon as I complete all the artwork I need, I'll post a video of Reflectorr with the basic functions are working.  

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